In the New Year, explore the rest of health – beyond dropping pounds, taking vitamins, and lowering blood pressure. In their new book, The Rest of Health, Dave and Sonya Cameron share with readers how to live the abundant life God has for them and attain vibrant health in body, soul, spirit and relationships. Dave, a family physician, and Sonya, a licensed marriage and family therapist, discuss how to integrate a life-giving Christian faith with the knowledge and tools of healthcare professionals to equip people with skills for healthy living. This New Year, discover The Rest of Health to better able complete your God-given ministry.

Q: Many readers may be surprised that “Taking Care of Your Body” doesn’t happen until step 4, over half-way through the seven step process. Why isn’t “taking care of your body” the first step in recovering health and well-being? Shouldn’t we all be exercising and taking vitamins if we want to be healthy?

A: This is a great question. You will notice that only one of the steps, or “skills” as we outline in the book, is even about physical health. In both Dave’s medical practice and Sonya’s counseling practice, we constantly see people who view health too narrowly. Many people think of health as dropping pounds, lowering blood pressure, etc. These are all good, healthy things, but when the underlying motive is simply to look better physically, that is evidence that a patient doesn’t really understand the meaning of “health.” After working with so many patients, we have seen that before a patient can make lasting changes in any area of life—and this includes physical health—they must take a step back and look at the bigger picture of their life. Changes in the way we think and the way we go about making decisions makes it much easier to accomplish goals for our physical health. That’s why the first step toward recovering health and wellness is “Looking to Learn.” We need to realize that the way we have been living is not really working and then prepare ourselves for the hard work of discovering why and how we should change.

Q: What do you hope this book will accomplish in the lives of readers?

A: There are so many purposes we hope The Rest of Health will accomplish in our readers. We want to show people how to attain vibrant health in their body, soul, spirit and relationships, which will allow them to enjoy life more than ever before. We want to help people overcome the obstacles that have tied them down, so that they might be free to live the abundant life God has for them. We want to integrate the life-giving Christian faith with the knowledge and tools of healthcare professions and to equip people with skills for healthy living, that they might become better able to complete the ministry to which God has called them. Ultimately, our desire is to bless people by helping them to understand and experience God in new ways. As we promote this spiritual intimacy, we seek to bless God and bring Him glory.

David Cameron is a family physician in Lakewood , WA , who takes care of the whole family, delivering babies by night and treating adults and kids in the clinic by day. Sonya Cameron is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and an Adjunct Professor for Life Pacific College . Together, the Camerons are the founders of The True Foundation, an organization serving in the United States and Canada that works with community and health organizations as health educators and partners with churches from several denominations and non-profit companies to fill the role of para-church ministry. The True Foundation educates and trains individuals, churches and organizations to integrate key elements of Christianity with health care expertise. The Camerons’ first book, The Rest of Health, is a work of creative non-fiction based on the core principles of The True Foundation.

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