Close Gitmo?????? Think about this......

I'm actually shocked that this is one of the first things President Obama is tackling. I live in Goose Creek, SC. A very small community that's right outside of Charleston, SC. Not much happens here, and if something does, everyone knows about it in just a few hours.

A terrorist was being housed at our military brig on the Weapon Station located in my little town. It's a very secure place and it seemed sort of interesting that this big time terrorist was just a few miles away. If I recall correctly, the guy was the shoe-bomber that was tackled by the passengers on the plane. One Saturday afternoon a police officer made a routine traffic stop here in Goose Creek. Nothing out of the ordinary, just a normal traffic violation. Thankfully, he was and is an observant officer. He noticed that the two men in the car acted very strange and shut a laptop computer when he walked up. Also, they were of middle eastern descent. They acted nervous and the officer knew that something was very wrong. He asked to search the car. He found a trunk full of bomb making materials. The men were arrested. On the way to our local jail, the men began speaking in Arabic in the backseat. It was being recorded, as is the practice of law enforcement. After the recording was transcribed, it was found out that the men were trying to make up stories that matched before they got to the police station. Now, this was less than 2 miles from my home and right in front of our Wal-Mart. The men have since been transferred to Florida, the state of their residence. They have been found to have strong terrorist ties and have been mentored by terrorist leaders. Also, they made videos to teach others how to make bombs. Some people believe that were in Goose Creek because of the terrorist being held in our brig. This is what I believe, but law enforcement never found the reason for them being here.

I know that since this incident happened, most people in my community do not want them held in our brigs. We prefer to keep them right where they are in Cuba - they have to swim 90 miles or more to get to the United States!!
Here's a link to a later story that was written when one of the men was sentenced:

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