Review of The Leaper by Geoffrey Wood

Superhero Lesson #1: Always put pants on before leaping.

Ok, have you ever longed to have a superhero rescue you? Or dreamed of your guy coming to save you when no one else can? Well, I doubt you’ve dreamed of James, even in the wildest of dreams.

James isn’t your ordinary superhero. Leaping, he discovers, is his gift. He’s actually not very good with his superpowers, has no idea how or when to use them. Superheroes usually aren’t divorced, but James is and somehow that makes him even more endearing. Hooked on espresso, he’s usually on edge but delivers wit and sarcasm with perfect timing. If only he could figure out when and when not to use his leaping power. …….

I loved this book. It’s fresh and funny but carries a deep message for all of us. Hopefully, there will be a sequel because I would hate to never meet up with James again.

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Rel said...

this one is in my TBR pile - good to know it is well worth the read!