Midtown Blue Series - Great Cop Series!


This is one of my favorite series. If you've never read these books, pick up The Deuce, the first book in the series. You'll be hooked. Tony Cavalucci is the main character and he is now one of my all time favorite book characters. He's a cop in New York City, an alcoholic, and has an extremely dysfunctional family.
When I'm reading one of the Midtown Blue books, I feel as though I'm walking the streets of New York City as a police officer. The smells, the noise, and the people (good and bad) of New York all come to life in this well written series.
And now, I'm excited to say that a fourth book is coming out this summer. Clear Blue Sky will be out later this summer. Can't wait - I've missed Tony Cavalucci!


Anonymous said...

I love the Midtown Blue books. I didn't know there was a new one coming out, I'm going to order it. Thanks for the tip.

Sally Bradley said...

It's amazing what a good review will do! I've seen these books but have never been interested in them. Now I'll have to read them.

Brittanie said...

I love these books too. I just started a blog about books. I am a fellow booklover. I am happy to see you reveiwed them. I am hoping to see more promotion this time. I really like the series and want it to be continued. It is different than anything else out there. :)