Review of Split Ends

Sarah Claire Winowski can't wait to get out of Sable, Wyoming and away from the reputation that she's inherited from her mother. Chasing big dreams of styling hair for the stars, she heads to Hollywood to live with a cousin.

With little money and no car, Sarah soon lands a job with one of the hottest hair dudes in Hollywood. Cold reality steps in when she realizes the job is really just a glorified servant to a demanding, egotistical boss. Sarah will have to work the shampoo bowl until she's proven herself and paid her dues. In Hollywood, this is considered an opportunity. Hollywood is like upside down world, Sarah soon finds out. Superficial people are the norm and a person's value is based on the price tag of their belongings and how thin they can keep themselves. With expensive jeans and emotional walls, Sarah hides her inner shame well.

Throw in two hot guys, humiliating family problems, hair mishaps and a red carpet event and you've got one great story. Can Sarah get honest with herself and those around her? Can she realize that her identity and her future are not based on the mistakes of her mother?

I really loved this book. Kristin Billerbeck has a way of writing that's easy and light, but but at the same time offers depth and meaning. Travel this journey with Sarah Winowski, you'll be glad you did and you just might learn something about yourself.

Reviewed by Dawn Burns


Cee Cee said...

Welcome to CFBA! I can't wait to get my hands on SPLIT ENDS. Thanks for the review.

Sally Bradley said...

I love Kristen's stories. Can't wait to read this one!