Perfecting Kate by Tamara Leigh

This is the story of Kate. She's a little overweight, her fashion is dated, and has a head of unruly hair. By chance, she is chosen to receive a make-over from a magazine with an article to cover the before and after. Not really crazy about the idea, she gives in to a new look. She begins turning a few heads and finds herself enjoying the attention of men that see her as attractive.

As an artist, Kate is busy and booked with projects. A handsome doctor hires her to paint/design the children's burn unit and then the fireworks begin. He's running from God and Kate is trying to paint God symbols throughout her design. Not a great combination for peace.

In the midst of the hospital project, Michael, the make-up artist that chose Kate for the magazine is interested in her romantically. He seems like a good guy but his constant "makeover" of Kate never ceases and she soon starts to wonder if Michael will ever accept her as she is.

Can Kate find a way to get along with the doctor that is angry with God? Can she be honest with the people that deserve it the most?

I loved this book - it's a beautiful story of authenticity and surrender. God's best is always better than anything we could dream and this story is a great reminder of that truth.

Reviewed by Dawn Burns


Rel said...

Hi Dawn - this is a fabulous book :) Thanks for dropping by my blog. Always love talking about books :)

Rel said...

Hi Dawn - thanks for putting me in your links! I have added you to mine and I look forward to reading more reviews from you soon :)

Sally Bradley said...

Sounds wonderful! I'll add it to the list. Sigh.