Review of Resurrection in May

I had trouble writing this review because I have so many mixed emotions about the story.
The story begins with Claudius, an older gentleman, finding the young and beautiful May on the side of the road. The two form a strong friendship. May leaves for a mission trip to Rwanda and experiences things that change her forever. She returns to the U.S. and isolates herself on the farm that belongs to Claudius. The story journey's through May's post traumatic stress and the healing that ultimately takes place.

The characters are strong, the writing well done, but the subject matter is very heavy at times. As it should be. The middle of the story felt like it really dragged, but it's the feeling of May's long isolation that makes it feel that way. I fell in love with Claudius and his gentle soul. I didn't feel like I had closure when I read the last page, but maybe that's what the writer intended.

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