My Governor Mark Sanford....

It's not like we needed anything else to be embarrased about in South Carolina....

Our governor, Mark Sanford, runs off for days and returns to tell us how much he has fallen in love with a woman in Argentina. The problem is that Mark Sanford is married with four young sons!! Not sure if it's a big problem for him, but it is for me.

I understand that people make mistakes, I totally get that. It's what a person does after the mistake that really makes a difference. Not so sure Gov. Sanford understands this. He seems more concerned with letting everyone know how much he loves his mistress than he is concerned about making it right with his family. He tells the press he's going to TRY to fall back in love with his wife, but at the same interview calls his mistress his soulmate.

He's made statements saying he's disappointed his wife and sons. No, actually disappointing them would be missing one of their games or cancelling a special dinner with the family. Mr. Sanford needs to say "I've devestated my wife and sons"! Because that's what he's done. By no choice of their own, their lives have been flipped upside down as a result of their father's choices. And foolish choices they are.

My prayer is that God will open Mark Sanford's eyes before it's too late - that he will see that he has built up this romance in his head with this woman to a level that is pure fantasy.

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