Pro-Lifers at Notre Dame

Big difference in these protesters for life compared to the anti-war, anti-capitalism protesters that flooded the streets in Europe when President Obama was there. These Pro-life protesters are peaceful and respectful to law enforcement, even when being arrested. I'm proud of these men and women. They are standing up for the littlest of our society, the ones with no voice, the most vulnerable.
I'm appalled that Notre Dame will give President Obama an honorary degree. How can that be justified ? He is opposed to the most foundational teaching of the Catholic Church. Why would they honor him?? Thank God for Catholics that are taking a stand, many of them graduating students at Notre Dame.
These students have worked hard for years to graduate this week-end, but they will sacrifice being honored themselves in protest of this President's stance on abortion rights. May God bless them for their sacrifice. It's too bad our President doesn't feel the need to make a political sacrifice of his own and bow out of this graduation ceremony. But maybe he thinks that would be controversial. Ironic, isn't it?

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Cheryl Klarich said...

I agree with you...
Let's keep praying. Blessings to you. Oh, your niece is beautiful!