The Secret Life of an American Teenager

Ok, this show is created to appeal to teens, but I watched a marathon yesterday and really enjoyed it. I didn't know what to expect from the show as a whole - there are Christian teens on the show and I expected them to be portrayed in a judgmental way. That was not the case. The Christian teens are actually the kinder, softer kids that seem to really care for others. Not sure I want my 13 yr old watching the show, maybe because the sex is sometimes shown as fun or even the popular thing to do. Or maybe because it seems like sex is 95% of the show's subject matter.

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Andi said...

I've watched the entire series with my 15 yr old who is now 16. I am adopted and I wasn't happy with how adoption was portrayed on the show. My suggestion to you, is why not watch the show with your child and use it as a teaching lesson. Peer pressure exists and your not going to get away from it. Rather than treat it as taboo use it to open dialogue. I have to say that in my almost 22 yrs of parenting I have not always agreed with what's on T.V. yet I have used certain things to teach my girls. Good luck! ~ Andi