Healing Waters

Healing Waters is the second book in a new series written by Nancy Rue and Stephen Arterburn. I thoroughly enjoyed Healing Stones and couldn't wait to get started with this new book.

The series revolves around therapist Dr. Sullivan Crisp, or just Sully as most people call him. He's struggling with grief and trying to make sense of his own life. In Healing Waters, Sully decides to step out of his comfort zone and offer his assistance to a friend that has just suffered a tragedy. Sophia is beautiful and talented and has prominent ministry, but she's now been suddenly scarred forever, possibly by someone that wants to kill her. Sully arrives at her home and finds that Sonya is not the only one that is broken. Her sister, Lucia, is guarded and detached, and hides behind a wall of shame and guilt.

I've never read a book like this. Sully counsels with Lucia to try to rid her of the shame and feelings of unworth that she carries - he's got this pretty unique way of counseling people with game show buzzers and bells. As I walked through the therapy sessions with Sully and Lucia, it felt as though it became my own personal session. That's what is so unique about this book, it actually felt as though it were me sitting with Sully. I feel pretty confident that most readers will feel the same way.

The books is filled with twists and turns, my heart was racing on more than one occasion as the suspense became pretty intense. The mysteries of the story are fantastic, but the real pull of the story is Sully. He's an awesome character that becomes alive to the reader.

I believe this book to be one of those rare works of fiction that is actually life changing. While still pondering the things I've absorbed from Healing Waters, I'm eagerly awaiting the next book in this series.

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