Review of Forsaken by James David Jordan

From the first sentence this story grabbed me and just would not let go. Taylor Pasbury owns a security agency. She's been through a lot as a young girl and has a lot of emotional baggage. Simon Mason, a high profile pastor, hires her for security purposes when he finds that his life is being threatened. Taylor is a character that I just loved right away - she's sassy, flawed, and tough. Simon, at first, she thinks is just another TV pastor that is out for the money and the fame. She quickly figures out that the threats against Simon are serious and that her life is also in danger. In the middle of the danger and the intrigue, the tough security girl realizes that Simon is authentic and so is his genuine concern for her as a person.

Fast paced and full of action, this book kept me up late into the night! I'm looking forward to the next Taylor Pasbury novel -- she's now one of my favorite book characters.

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