I am Officially Shocked!

I understand that there are many people that don't care for Sarah Palin's politics. I totally get that, we all have different views and opinions. I also understand that the so called solid feminists almost hate her. I don't get that at all, but I never understood those women anyway.

What I find to be shocking & heartbreaking is what I just heard a journalist say on Fox News this morning. She said that people in the ranks are complaining about Palin bringing her Down Syndrome baby on stage. That people are finding it rather tasteless that she's parading her challenged baby around on stage. When the host of Fox sort of defended Palin, the journalist said she was just reporting what she's hearing, not saying that herself.

Trig Palin is a part of the Palin family - he has every right to be on that stage with the rest of her family.

I find it incredibly offensive that anyone would think that, much less actually formulate a verbal complaint about it.

As I tossed this around in my head this morning, I felt myself becoming almost indignant about this. I suddenly realized that, as Christians, we have every right to be "on stage" with God. But we allow our internal voices to convince us otherwise. We tell ourselves that we're not worthy, we're not good enough yet, we're not without blemish. These things don't matter when it comes to our bloodline - it's our entitlement as God's child to walk boldly into His presence - - nothing can change that. As we walk in the truth of our identity, we actually begin to lose some of the blemishes and imperfections.

Just as little Trig has every right to take his position with his family, so do we have every right to take our place with our Father.


Rebecca said...

Very well said!
ps I found your blog from alison strobels blog... You know how that goes.

Rel said...

Great post, Dawn!