My Favorite Book of 2007!

Tony Cavalucci is a cop for the NYPD and has been for over ten years. He’s a good cop, just a little cynical at times. With a tendency for sarcastic remarks and a short-fuse, his partner Joe Fiore, balances out the pair with a heart of compassion and patience. Joe and Tony never know what the next dispatch will bring as they cover their sector in the heart of New York City in the days leading up to September 11, 2001.

Along with the pressures of police work, Tony is a recovering alcoholic and a new Christian. He’s engaged to Michelle and looking forward to the marriage and becoming a stepfather to her small son, Stevie. There’s one big problem. – his dysfunctional Italian family dislikes Michelle. They don’t want him to marry her because she’s not Italian, she doesn’t drink, and she stands up to them as much as possible. Tony’s family causes stress in his relationship with Michelle and things get a little rocky. A big family fight leaves just about everyone in the family angry at Tony. Michelle’s not taking his calls, and God even seems distant.

Within Tony, a tug of war is going on between the man that he’s always been and the man he wants to become. Battling old habits and mentalities, he struggles with doing the right thing on a daily basis. Confusion and doubt creep in, and Tony begins to slip farther from God.

September 11, 2001 arrives and everything changes for Tony. What seemed muddled is now perfectly clear as he and his fellow officers begin digging through the rubble that was once the World Trade Center.

Tony Cavalucci is one of my all time favorite book characters, I just love the guy. He's funny, impatient, and far from perfect. Tony's the kind of guy that makes you feel safe when he's around. While reading Clear Blue Sky, I felt as though I was working with Tony, a member of the NYPD. The smells, the people, the adrenaline rush – the reader senses it all. Not only is this a fantastic cop novel, it’s a beautiful story about relationships, community, and a guy that just wants to be a better man.

Clear Blue Sky is one of the most moving books I’ve ever read. It’s edgy and real, with scenes that will grab your heart. It’s been days since I finished this story and I can’t stop thinking about the story, nor do I want to.

Note: Clear Blue Sky can be read as a stand alone novel or as a continuation of the first three books in the Midtown Blue series. I'm crazy about the series and highly recommend everything F.P. Lione has written.


cara said...

I've never read any of the books by F.P. Lione but I going to order Clear Blue Sky.
Thanks for the review

Tim said...

Midtown books are terrific books. Didn't realize they had a new one coming out.

Rel said...

Ahhh....in my TBR....will get to it sooner now with your great recommendation!

Sally Bradley said...

Sounds good. I've seen the earlier books in the series, and they've intrigued me. Now I'll have to go read them all!