So many books, so little time....

Right now I'm reading several books and they're all fantastic. Normally, I'll read several books at one time, but there's always one that draws me into the story more than the others. Not happening with this batch.

So, now I have three books that are equally good. They are The Dead Whisper On, Off the Record, and From Bad to Worse. It's not actually a problem of having too many good books, but a problem of not having enough time to finish them all in a day. Can't wait to find out what's about to happen in all three of them!

I've never been this torn between books before - I wish I could read three at a time. Literally.

The Dead Whisper On sort of solves a bit of my problem because I can only read it in the daytime. I know, I know - it's just a book, right? I don't care, it scares me to read it after dark.

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Rel said...

Loved this post Dawn :) Off the Record is great! I just received The Dead Whisper on today and haven't heard about From Bad to Worse. I am a one book at a time girl :)